Do you really provide a Free Event Listing for life?

Yes. Our Free Event Listing includes many of the tools needed to list your event on SponsorParty and let potential sponsors know that you’re looking for sponsorship. We encourage you to checkout our Video Leads package however, as it will greatly enhance your listing with Video, other features, and the ability to collect leads from sponsors directly through the site.

Is there a cost for Sponsors?

There is no cost for Sponsors to search through event listings on our platform.

Do you collect any commissions from connecting Event Creators and Sponsors?

No. We do not collect any commissions between Event Creators or Sponsors.

How can I claim my listing?

On each event listing page that has not been claimed by its owner, there is a link to claim the page. Once our staff reviews your claim, we’ll provide you with access to update it on your dashboard upon login.

How do I update my listing?

Simply login in the top right corner of the website. Then, on your dashboard, click Listings, and then select the three dots to the far right of the listing you want to Edit.

How do I upgrade my free event listing to add video, lead forms, tag lines, announcements and more?

After logging into the website in the top right corner, go to the Listings Tab on your dashboard. Then click the three dots on the far right of the listing and select Change Plan.

Do you offer refunds?

We provide refunds within 14 days upon request if you’re unhappy with your event listing for any reason.

Can I offer tickets for sale on my event page?

On your Event Listing Page that targets sponsors, you can also create a separate Event Page with dates times, and tickets for sale. You can do so through your dashboard.

How do I create an announcement?

From your dashboard after logging in, click the Announcements tab. Here you can create a Call to Action and announce things like when Sponsorships will be accepted for the coming year’s event.

Where will my leads show up?

Your leads will show up in your inbox, and you will receive an email notification. To access your leads, go to your dashboard and select Inbox.

Question not answer still?

Contact us.